Knowledge AI

Product Overview

3 Modules

  • Cognitive & Behavioral Diagnostics
  • Test Diagnostics & Pencasts
  • Individual Training Courses based on Proprietary AI algorithm

Knowledge AI

Solution workflow

  • Assessment design Using own content
  • Paper-based test Auto-grading + Analytics
  • Valuable insights & Intervention suggestions
  • AI-recommended Personalized curriculum

Converting analogue data to digital

AI is enabled through data accumulated from the use of a Smartpen.

Data Availability

  • Writing Speed
  • Ink Lenghts
  • Pauses (thinking time frequency)
  • Pause lengths (thinking time)
  • Pressure
  • Oscillation
  • Stroke Count
  • Spatial location
  • Question reading time

Smartpen with a camera, memory chip and a real time clock; records data 5~6 times per second

KAIT Key Features

Advanced Formative Assessment Platform

  • Formative assessment using own contents (content agnostic)
  • Standard paper and pen In classroom assessments

Student Diagnostics

  • Utilize heuristic data to understand the Relative Gap in knowledge and mastery among students
  • Provides valuable insights and intervention suggestions in Teacher Dashboard

Cognitive & Behavioral Diagnostics

  • Multidimensional diagnostics enabled with Cognitive and Behavioral analysis
  • Analyzes why a student makes mistakes

Individualized Training from AI Algorithm

  • Individual Training Course adjusts speed of learning according to a student’s understanding
  • Applies machine learning on student performance and behavior profile data to recommend questions that address root cause of mistakes