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KAIT - the World's Only AI Platform for Offline Education

The KAIT Solution

Designed for offline education use, KAIT finds relative knowledge gaps to evaluate students’ understanding and improve learning efficiencies. The solution optimizes student outcomes by assessing them as individuals and provides personalized lessons based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

How KAIT Works

KAIT includes a smartpen equipped with a camera, memory chip and a real-time clock that records data multiple times per second. The digital pen converts written, analogue data on paper into digital data that is then synchronized and aggregated in KAIT’s cloud platform. Using sophisticated diagnostics, this data builds the foundation for the platform’s AI algorithm. 


The algorithm then recommends individualized student pathways. Teachers are provided with detailed insights into students’ knowledge gaps, why they exist, and how best to address them. 


Ultimately, the platform helps teachers instruct and guide more efficiently, while helping students understand and perform better, faster. 

Key Features

Easy-to-use platform for teachers to create and upload assessments.

Standard pen-and-paper assessments for in-classroom use. 

Automated grading and record-keeping.

Easy access to comprehensive diagnostics of each student.

Class dashboard for high level overview and relative performance.

Access to students’ thought processes through Pencasts.

Automated assignments tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Key Benefits

For Teachers:

Time saved from automatic grading and report generation.

Greater insight into student/class performance and knowledge gaps based on detailed analytics including cognitive and behavioral metrics. 

Ability to efficiently provide students with personalized interventions, assignments and curriculums.

Formative assessment using own content (content agnostic).

For Students:

Individualized student pathways based on specific needs and proficiency levels.

Unveils potential knowledge gaps that can be addressed.

Reduces repetition and keeps students challenged.

Handwriting improves both information retention and creativity compared to typing.

Cognitive & behavioral metrics enhance the student profile

Test scores alone do not accurately represent students’ understanding or mastery of a topic. KAIT is able to identify the root cause for why a student makes mistakes based on eight cognitive and behavioral factors. These factors were designed by educators and learning science professionals and are calculated using the analogue data collected with KAIT’s smartpen.


Number Sense

Flexibility of thoughts and calculations

Reasoning Skills

Critical thinking, logic and problem-solving skills


Ability to visualize, recognize patterns and memorize


Extending from understanding of concepts to applying association skills


Question Comprehension

Ability to understand and communicate issues, self control

Test Taking Skills

Ability to create strategies and manage time


Persistence and ability to deal with difficult questions without giving up


Ability to focus on the task at hand

Individualized curriculums based on KAIT’s AI algorithm

Based on KAIT’s granular understanding of the student profile, machine learning is applied to recommend corrective actions to teachers and generate tailored assignments to meet the individual needs of students. Practice questions are based on four factors:


  • Targeting the problem area
  • Predicting future mistakes
  • Mixing easy and difficult questions, and
  • How far along the student is in the course
New insights into thought processes with KAIT Pencast