News: Anoto announces pilot of KAIT with Viktor Rydberg Schools Foundation
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Anoto announces pilot of KAIT with Viktor Rydberg Schools Foundation

Stockholm, August 5, 2019 – Anoto Group AB (Anoto) today announces that it has signed an agreement for a three month pilot of KAIT with the Viktor Rydberg Schools Foundation.

KAIT is designed to reduce the burden on students by assessing them as individuals, and providing personalized lessons based on their exact strengths and weaknesses to optimally improve their understanding. Ultimately, the platform helps the teacher instruct and guide more efficiently, while helping the student understand and perform better, faster.

Starting August 19, 2019, two Viktor Rydberg schools in the Stockholm area will be part of a three month pilot of the KAIT platform.

“We are excited that our first Swedish pilot will be together with Viktor Rydberg since they have always stayed at the forefront of innovation and been leaders in improving the quality of education in Sweden, this aligns well with our goal to improve education globally. Everyone should be able to have the same level of education no matter who you are or what school you go to, KAIT will help to democratize the access to quality education around the world”

“With KAIT now rolling out in Sweden, the US, South Korea and Japan, we start to see that our platform will be able to change education and improve the efficiency for both teachers and students everywhere.”, said Joonhee Won, CEO of Anoto Group.

“At VR Schools we are focused on creating personalized learning environments. We are always trying to create blended learning opportunities, led by engaged teachers, that leverage technology to support each and every student.”, said Kristy Lundström, Director of Schools.