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11 June, 2020 Knowledge AI Inc has entered into a three-year fully paid subscription contract with a School District in the State of West Virginia, USA

5 June, 2020 Correction: Knowledge AI expands its userbase to Chile, South America

1 June, 2020 Subsidiary Knowledge AI Inc expands the customer base to higher education by signing a fully paid subscription agreement with a University in South Korea

28 May, 2020 Knowledge AI has entered into a fully paid contract for its education platform KAIT as a School District in the State of Indiana converts from pilot to a multi-year subscription contract

6 April, 2020 KAIT hires CTO. Long Phan to lead the engineering team

15 March , 2020 KAIT signs an agreement with the Ministry of Education of Singapore for the use of KAIT for English essay writing research

28 February, 2020 KAIT reaches 732,000 total student pool for 914 schools in pilots

30 November, 2019 KAIT completes Seed Round financing of USD 3 million