Core Technologies

Smart Pen

Works just like a regular pen - but also faithfully records anything written on paper at a rate of 75 samples per second, using an infrared camera. In addition, the Kait pen tracks detailed telemetry (timing) data of every stroke and every pause.

The pen has a 12-hour battery life and transmits data to Kait’s Performance Data Platform via secure Bluetooth or USB.

  • Patterned paper that can be printed using a standard laser printer, or purchased, is required.
  • Kait Smart Pen supports real-time playback, so you can watch students as they work.

Performance Data Platform

Kait’s cloud platform gives you unprecedented insight into student and teacher performance. The platform provides data about student skill levels and progress over time, as well as teacher effectiveness. Drill into detail about learning programs and fundamental skills at the individual, classroom, school-wide, and district-wide levels.

AI Tutor

Kait’s AI Tutor uses the raw insights from the Smart Pen and other student performance data to produce a motivating and highly effective personalized learning program.

To generate the learning program, AI Tutor’s advanced machine learning model maps student performance metrics to a conceptual knowledge map, identifying fine-grained skill gaps. The program focuses on those gaps by assigning problems that help the student achieve mastery of fundamentals.