For Tutors

We do things differently

We provide the best educational experience to every student through efficient individualized and AI-enhanced learning insights.

  • Pencast™

  • Automatic attendance tracking

  • Digital record of work

  • Audio/Video conferencing

  • Teacher control & flexibility

Save time and provide on‑the‑spot feedback, with detailed automated marking

Kait automatically marks any type of pen & paper assignment, so you get instantaneous insight into student performance. You can spend more time teaching instead of marking, and get back to your students immediately.

Improve tutoring effectiveness for each student

Kait’s unique technology allows you to see where your students struggle to work problems, even if they eventually get to the right answer. Kait’s AI Tutor analyzes this information to identify skill gaps to work on.

Take on more students, and more effectively help each one

By removing marking time and providing personalized learning programs, Kait allows you to grow your tutoring business efficiently while improving the quality of your services.

Missed seeing what a student did during a class exercise?
Did a student miss class?

All Pencast™ writing is recorded and saved on your dashboard for playback or to send as a PDF file